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Ceresit CR90 Crystaliser


5 in stock

5 in stock


CERESIT CR90 Crystaliser is a crystalline effect sealant, a combination of cement with mineral fillers and additional chemical compounds, used for waterproofing non-deformable substrates such as concrete, bricks and cement mortars.

CR 90 works in two ways – it forms a sealing layer on the surface of the substrates and additionally creates crystals in the pores of the substrate. Water-insoluble salts penetrate the capillary structure of the concrete, where – through contact with water – they gradually create crystals.

This process of crystal formation leads, over time, to the complete closure of the capillary channels, which ultimately prevents the transfer of water into the concrete in both directions. Therefore, the application of CR 90 crystalline action sealant can be considered as an additional protection of the substrate and in the future in case of local damage or breakage of the coating since it remains inactive in a latent state and is activated by the appearance of moisture.


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