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AERMEC monoblock air-cooled water heat pump


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1 in stock


Air cooled water heat pump monoblock AERMEC HMI Inverter technology with new ecological refrigerant R32.

Heat pump for air conditioning (cooling or heating) and hot water production systems, for every season of the year.
The HMI unit is designed to meet all new build and refurbishment needs, replacing or supporting conventional boilers.
It can be combined with low temperature systems, such as floor heating or local air conditioning units (fan coil units), as well as with traditional radiators.

It operates at full load both at low outside air temperature -25° C for winter and up to 48° C for summer.
Μέγιστη θερμοκρασία νερού που παράγεται κατά τη θέρμανση 60° C.

• Inverter rotary compressor with Dual Stage converter, with Economizer, preventing the reduction of heating efficiency even at very low temperatures.
• Brushless DC Axial fans designed to optimize aerodynamics, reducing noise while increasing performance and air delivery.
• Golden Fin heat exchanger elements with special anti-corrosion treatment, for protection in corrosive environments and longer life. The fins of the element are, made of aluminum manganese (Al-Mn), and are coated with a special coating of epoxy resin, giving them a typical golden color.
• Electric resistance KIT at the base of the unit to prevent ice formation during heating operation.
• Electronic expansion valve.


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